Doff Portland says its slug pellets can take on Arion vulgaris

Doff Portland says its Slug Killer Pellets (£2.99 RRP 800g) have proved effective against the Spanish ‘killer slug’ Arion Vulgaris which is said to have arrived in East Anglia in a packet of salad leaves.

The slugs can grow up to five inches long, and as well as decimating garden plants, shrubs and vegetable patches, are known to eat each other and dead rodents.
Doff Portland commissioned scientific trials to confirm the efficacy of its slug killer products, working with laboratories in the UK and Europe to screen the toxicity of Doff’s molluscicide pellet against Arion Vulgaris, under controlled, laboratory practice conditions.

Managing director Matt Jones said: "The killer slugs pose a significant threat to the UK and it was feared that there may be no way of controlling them. As Doff Portland manufactures the UK’s leading Metaldehyde slug pellets, we were confident that we could combat these nasty beasts and stop them in their tracks.

"The Doff Slug Killer Pellets have been put through rigorous tests and we have proven its effectiveness against these killer slugs. The range is available now for garden centres and DIY stores that are looking to retail a solution to this very serious pest."